This beautiful new house was recently completed and the clients chose to go with Bamboo Flooring in a lovely LIGHT COFFEE.


A new home on two levels using LIGHT COFFEE. (The Builder just needs to install the new skirting boards)


This small house in Birkenhead was fully refurbished and placed on the market, dressed to sell with a lovely warm Light Coffee Bamboo Flooring.

It’s not difficult to see why LIGHT COFFEE and DARK NATURAL are our biggest sellers.

There are some installations that present more of a challenge,  not because they are difficult, but the location and logistics can be interesting.

Here’s an example, way out on the Whangarei Heads. LIGHT COFFEE.

A private escape overlooking your own beach.

My Office for the Day!

Whilst we can lay Bamboo Flooring anywhere, there are areas that our manufacturer does not warrant. They are known as wet areas, Laundries and Bathrooms are the two that are most common.

We prefer to advise our clients that they are unattended (Laundries) or attended (Bathrooms).

If there is any small spillages then these should be cleared up quickly, but that’s not to say that your new Bamboo Floor will be immediately damaged. Not at all, because the entire surface is covered in polyurethane and as the Bamboo is mixed with a resin which is non porous, it does not naturally take up water.

Examples below: DARK NATURAL

A lovely refurbishment of a large 1970’s home set in the beautiful countryside of Tinopai.

In sweltering temperatures we began this installation.

The Living Room transformed into a modern space. LIGHT NATURAL

The Living area now looks much larger.

 Taking the Bamboo Flooring from one space to another requires experience and ensures a seamless transition.

From the Living Room into the entrance and Hallway.

Almost complete and with every cupboard and storage space now having Bamboo Flooring.

The Kitchen and Dining areas. Excuse the quality of the picture..!!

The Kitchen.

The one thing the client remarked on was how much bigger these areas now looked, and no more worries about the Grand Children spilling the odd drink. A quick wipe over with a good quality Micro Fibre Mop such as the Enjo mop and it’s done. Clean hygienic and free of that carpet dust.

This Caster Bay property was going through a major update including a beautiful new kitchen. The client decided that installing a Bamboo Floor would ad the the new contemporary look and add the wow factor.

It looked like just another day at the office for us but when the carpet was lifted and we could fully check the floor, we found some major undulations that needed to to be addressed first. This underlines why we always state on our quotes that until we can fully check the condition of the floor, we can’t be sure.

In this case, the entire upper floor required areas of Self Leveling compound but it maid all the difference to the finish and and final look.

Self Leveling Compound.

 It looks scary but we know what we’re doing with this product, but unfortunately it adds another 24 hours minimum to the installation as we then have to wait for it to dry and then grind any areas out that need smoothing.

The final look, all pictures supplied by our happy client, so thanks. Colour choice was Dark Natural.

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