Technical Specs

Dimensions: 1850mm x 135mm x 14mm.

Each box contains 6 planks and covers 1.5 Square Metres.  Each box weighs 1.98kg

Our bamboo flooring comes in four colours – all natural without tints or stains, however if a client does want a stain, we can order that for them, but generally don’t recommend it. The four shades we offer begin at the lightest possible and through the the darkest Carbonised or as we say “Dark Coffee”. These shades are naturally achieved via the process and therefore require no additional tinting or colouring. This means that the shade or colour you choose is the same right through the 14mm thick plank. As part of the manufacturing process, 11 layers of protection are placed on the finished surface, with the final two coats being polyurethane. In addition to the normal finishing we use the Klump surface protection. It is possible with effort to scratch it and scratching will generally leave a white mark which can be rubbed out with beeswax. If you choose to have a stained or tinted colour, this is normally only 1 to 2mm deep, so repairing scratches becomes more difficult because they tend to penetrate the stain, another reason why we stick to the natural shades.

Our manufacturer supplies some of the highest quality Bamboo Flooring currently on the market and as improvements in design and manufacturing processes are found, they are adopted to give you the best product possible.

The main areas of improvement have been in protective anti scratch surfaces and controlling moisture uptake.

At Trade Flooring we search for the very best and latest designs and we are very pleased to bring to you our Bamboo Flooring that has the Treffert surface protection system  Treffert Klumpp wood coatings

Our product also uses the Dynea component as it’s main hardening agent within the resin whilst most others are still using Formaldehyde. The main benefit with the Dynea product is that it ensures that no air bubbles are left within the finished flooring planks that could take up moisture and cause expansion. This means we can offer much greater efficiency and reliability when it comes to the installation.

There are also a number of ISO standards that our product complies with such as ISO 9001 ISO9001 and ISO 14001 ISO14001

Our carton states these as seen here:

Our range is: Light Natural – Dark Natural / Light Coffee – Dark Coffee

The Click Lock systems used with Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring may not always match, Why?

Moving away from the older style of Tongue and Groove, you will now find one of the following.

UniClick or UniClic sometimes spelt differently as this system is a generic locking system.


Uniline click lock system which is patented, and looks very similar to UniClick but will not interlock with UniClick.

Valinge click lock system which is used in a number Laminates, Timber and Vinyl plank systems and also some Bamboo Flooring. A flat locking system that definitely will not lock with either Unline or UniClick.

So what does this mean for you? When making your purchase, future proofing may be wise. Should you experience a problem and need to replace some of your Bamboo Flooring, this would be easier with a generic locking system such as UniClick as you can purchase this from most major high street DIY stores. The other thing to remember is the width if the plank can vary from 125mm to 135mm and more depending on whether it is Strand Woven or Engineered.

What is the process: From Harvest to plank.

How is Bamboo Flooring Made. Click Here.