About Us

Martin Drew is the owner of Trade Flooring, and gets personally involved with all installations working with state-of-the-art bamboo flooring products every day. He knows what they do, how they perform, what needs to be taken into consideration with installation, and he’s the man with whom to discuss price. Trade Flooring’s left and right hands are both engaged in every aspect of the business from sourcing to quality control, pricing, and installation techniques.

As the importer, Trade Flooring can offer wholesale rates and customised service. Their flooring product options attract savings of around $20 per metre over retail suppliers.

Martin says, “Our business ethos is to prefer smaller margins and higher turnover. It keeps our clients happy and our installers in work.”

The large proportion of Trade Flooring business is in new homes, but retrofits and commercial buildings are steadily becoming a significant part of the business. The average installation is between 50-100sqm and larger installations are not uncommon. Trade Flooring has completed many new home installations for major well known home build companies and is happy to provide references.

Building tradesmen are often astounded by the effect engendered by bamboo floors. Trade Flooring’s bamboo floors are the final flourish in a new home, creating the transition from bricks and mortar to a cosy home with a warm emotional dimension.

“Bamboo flooring products are quite versatile, “ says Martin. “We’ve installed them in boats, caravans, holiday cabins, and as wall cladding. Some of our specialised underlays have gone into sound studios and have been used for a range of other applications.”