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Unlike standard SPC Flooring, DualCore is made up of two layers of Limestone/Polymer.

The two layers have a different ratio of Limestone to Polymer and during the processing are heated to different temperatures and allowed to cool for up to 10 days before being placed together. This creates two layers of different hardness that can withstand temperatures up to 55 Degrees centigrade without any warping.

Current standard SPC will show signs of warping at very high temperatures due to the three film layers (Wear/UV/Design) placed on the surface pulling against each other resulting in peeling and warping.

The lower layer incorporates the major part of the locking system and is the harder of the two layers. Strengthening the lock ensures that it cannot be easily broken and can  therefore withstand much higher foot traffic in commercial environments.

The benefits of this double layered system|

Anti-Warping up to 55 Degrees Centigrade.

Additional Hardness

Anti-Film Anti-Peeling

The manufacturers are committed to researching and improving SPC Flooring and invested a great deal of time and considerable testing to ensure that they have now created a unique patented flooring product.


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