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Yes, you can. If you are a novice, we suggest you get as much information as you can from Mr Google to assist. Cross reference sites because not all information is accurate.

That’s an open question and depends where you are but in Auckland contractors will charge anywhere from $35 to $45 per square metre.

Yes you can, but if the building is more than 10 metres wide, we recommend that you use engineered bamboo flooring or insert an expansion bar. Because bamboo flooring floats (is not glued or nailed down) wider expanses than 10 metres can ‘bounce’, whereas engineered flooring is more stable in these circumstances and eliminates any potential flex. Floor Leveling may also be required and we can help with this.

  • Manufacturers 25 year Structural Integrity Warranty
  • 5 year Finish and Wear Warranty
  • 12 months installation limited warranty (but if anything is going to be a problem, we’ll generally know within 3 months.
  • Installation-Warranty Details
  • Installation-Limited Warranty
  • Finance can be arranged with Trade Flooring through Gilrose Finance

Because we are the importers and can sell direct to you so you don’t have to pay for the retailer’s expenses in keeping a shop and staff paid. We bring our products to you or provide Free Samples that you would normally have to pay for from high street retailers.

No. Bamboo flooring floats and it needs to float to allow the small amount of expansion that naturally occurs with this material. Building on top of it would fix it in position and potentially cause problems. If you need to build over bamboo flooring, remove that section of the flooring.

There are no regulations around underlays so you may use any underlay you choose, but the one we recommend, FloorMate, is designed specifically for bamboo flooring and has special attributes built in such as compression resistance, vapour layers and thermal heating deflection, all qualities designed to maximise the performance of your bamboo floor.

Why cover it, there’s a very good chance we can repair it!

Yes, you can do this yourself, but please first take the bit of wood away from your son! It will most likely be made as good as new by rubbing over the scratches with beeswax, and we also use furniture scratch repair pens.

After every installation we clean the entire floor using the Enjo cleaning system. We start with the dry head as this quickly attracts all the dust and prepares the surface for the wet head. Whilst you really only need to use the fine mist water spray that comes with the Enjo cleaning system, you can go over the surface every couple of weeks with a general disinfectant cleaner of which there are too many to choose from. Remember….., Use only a very fine mist spray as over soaking may have an effect on your floor over time.

Yes it most certainly is. One of our clients had a flood in the bathroom so after we uplifted the new flooring and let them dry out the area with commercial dryers for 48 hours we reinstalled the original flooring totally undamaged.

Yes, if you have made the decision and wish to secure your stock and set a possible date for an installation, then we can accept either the 50% deposit or full payment via ANZ FastPay. Please be advised that credit card transaction will incur an additional 3.5%

Yes, we use Gilrose Finance, and if you have a GEM Visa card we can also take this. GEM offers 6 months interest free on purchases over $200.00

Please ask us for details.


We have completed installations from Te Kauwhata in the south to Pungaru in the far north. Commercial offices, mezzanine floors, Schools, new homes and retrofits.

We have worked with major home build companies such as Homeworld in Whangarei who are one of the longest established home building companies in the area.

Clients having their homes built by such well known names as GJ Gardner – Golden Homes – A1 Homes have all requested Bamboo Flooring as part of the new homes. In these cases the building companies contact us and we create a package deal that will work within their budget.

Local independent builders have also contacted us for the very same reason, and their names and reputation are on the line so we have to deliver quality but to an affordable budget.

We are so confident in our ability to provide not only a high quality Bamboo Flooring, but even more importantly an after sales service and support that gives you peace of mind. We are more than happy to give you direct contact details of previous clients so that you can get real and honest feedback.

We were renovating the house and decided to put bamboo flooring over our existing strand board. I was going to try and lay it myself but on pricing the product from a local retailer I found it was cheaper to buy the flooring and get the whole job done through Trade Flooring including undercutting the door jambs and doors. What a magnificent job they made to it looks stunning I could never have done it myself as there is lots of different tools you need. They took one full day to finish the job and I would recommend them to anyone.

I put a photo of your finished work on my Facebook page and it has already had over 80 responses, many comments and much admiration. Thanks a lot for your efforts. We are loving the new floor. The incredible thing was how quick it all was. No waiting around for varnish to dry. We put all the furniture back as soon as you went away. That’s a big selling point I think for your product. I hadn’t foreseen that advantage.

Trade flooring are an importer, wholesaler, retailer and installer which means that quite frankly you get the best product at the best price installed by the experts.
Martin was fantastic at visiting us on several occasions to ascertain our needs and plan for our install.
During the install he went the extra mile spending considerable time levelling our floor to ensure a perfect finish.
We can definitely recommend Trade Flooring, the finished install is just stunning.

Great stuff, very pleased with installation and service, are happy to promote and recommend to all.
Attached is the latest on our bathroom.


Absolutely love it. Well done Martin to you and the team.

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