Whilst we have always preferred to come to you with samples so that you can see how they look in your own home, we are constantly asked if we have a showroom. Of course having a manned showroom everyday has it’s costs, and we don’t want this affecting what we feel is a very fair price for Bamboo Flooring.

So what we have done is create a small showroom space where you can arrange to meet us at a time that is convenient for all.

Things to think about are trims that are designed for areas where different floor coverings meet or end and Bamboo Flooring begins. Exit doors, Bedroom doors and ranch-sliders are just a few areas to think about. Any areas where we can’t undercut to cover the cut ends of planks need to be covered with trims to make the finish clean and tidy.

We can show you the range and provide you with free samples and hard copy information. We can discuss you needs and provide you with a quote on the spot.

Don’t forget to bring your house plans if you have them.

Just call our free phone number: 0800 632 7873 for an appointment.