What are the specials?

These are end of batch or left over stock from client orders.

Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with these specials we would rather move them on to create space in our warehouse. We gain the space and you gain the savings.

All specials are pick up only from our Albany warehouse.


Here’s whats on special right now:

Espresso (A carbonised or Dark Coffee with a black wash)
In Stock: 29 Boxes 52m2 $45.00 Per m2

Grooved Red Teak (A natural with a Burgundy wash)
16 Boxes 28m2 $45.00 Per m2


Natural Wood Grain
4 Boxes 7m2 $40.00 Per m2

Light Natural
19 Boxes 34m2 $50.00 Per m2

Dark Natural
12 Boxes 21.6m2 $50.00 Per m2

Dark Coffee
8 Boxes 14.4m2 $50.00 Per m2

Dark Coffee