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DualCore® - an evolution in SPC Flooring

DualCore® is the newest SPC technology which is exclusive to TradeFlooring. Unlike standard SPC Flooring, DualCore® is made up of two layers of Limestone/Polymer. This gives it more durability and flexibility. DualCore® is the best SPC on the market.

TradeFlooring is the sole importer of DualCore® in New Zealand, by buying DualCore® you are buying direct.

DualCore® Flooring Packages

Innovative DualCore® Flooring packages include underlay and installation. Contact us to discuss the best DualCore® option for your space. We’re always happy to give free advice.

Unlike standard SPC Flooring, DualCore® is made up of two layers of Limestone/Polymer composite. The ratio of Limestone to the flexible Polymer is a critical factor in the durability and stability of the planking. The upper layer contains slightly less Limestone allowing the planking to be more flexible whilst the lower layer which includes the major part of the locking system contains much more Limestone for added strength.

Strengthening the lock ensures that it cannot be easily broken and can therefore withstand much higher foot traffic in commercial environments.

This creates two ply layers of different hardness that can withstand temperatures up to 55 Degrees centigrade without any warping.

Current standard SPC will show signs of warping at high temperatures due to the three film layers (Wear/UV/Design) placed on the surface pulling against each other causing warping. The reinforced DualCore® layers handle a far higher floor temperature.

The benefits of this double layered system

• Anti Warping up to 55 Degrees Centigrade.
• Increased durability and flexibility.
• Stronger locking system strength.
• Anti film peeling.

The manufactures were committed to researching and improving standard SPC Flooring and invested a great deal of time and considerable testing to ensure that they have now created a unique patented flooring product.

The two layers before the 1.5mm IXPE closed cell rubber underlay has been applied…

DualCore – Before & After

This is an example of how TradeFlooring used DualCore® Flooring to transform a space. These Waipu clients wanted to cover their concrete floor with something that was in tune with their minimalist aesthetic whilst being durable and kid friendly. TradeFlooring recommended DualCore®, because DualCore’s® two layered technology means that this innovative SPC flooring is stronger whilst being more flexible. The installation process was quick and seamless meaning that the family could continue with their renovations. DualCore® was the perfect fit for this Waipu families household renovations.

Client two was looking for flooring for their beachfront, new build. The client came to us asking for waterproof SPC flooring. Of course we advised that they instead go for DualCore®. The client was worried that the flooring would cost significantly more than standard SPC. However, as we are the sole importers of DualCore® we can provide the best price within New Zealand. DualCore® was promptly installed in their beach front property & they are very pleased. DualCore® was cost effective and looks great in this clients house.

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