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Underlay requires its own special arena of expertise. The underlay most people are familiar with is quite soft and when continually walked on eventually compresses over time to thin rubber sheeting. Underlay is critical to the way your flooring feels to you; whether it stays dry, offers good support, maintains cold resistance, and other factors. Trade Flooring has brought in a range of specially engineered underlays designed for a variety of specific situations including sound studios, carpeting, engineered floors, and more.

We also stock application specific (underfloor heating compatible and extra thick soundproofing) underlays. Our underlays are used with a variety of flooring products including laminates, engineered wood and solid timber flooring.

We import a specialised underlay designed for bamboo flooring. It is constructed of 3mm EVA rubber with a thermal reflector for heat retention which also acts as a vapour barrier to minimise damp. It retains compression, integrity and temperature better than insulation. Our underlays have a noise impact rating code of 72db a significant improvement on the allowable 55db rating to meet building codes.

3mm thick EVA Underlay
Acoustic, thermal and moisture barrier
1.1metres wide x 17.4m long,
18.6 square metres per roll
$90 per roll.

A 3mm IXPE Foam with moisture block technology and a good all round noise reduction of 73db $40.00 Per Roll (Each Roll 9.3 m2)
Our Top of the Range Underlay 4mm EVA Rubber with closed cell moisture block technology and outstanding noise control at 86db $100.00 Per Roll (Each Roll 18.6 m2)
Our Standard Underlay included with all installation packages. $90.00 Per Roll (Each Roll 18.6 m2)
Our underlayments are not just an add on or a by product of the flooring installation but a product that stands on it’s own merits and that’s why we sell many rolls for different uses. Some people require the acoustic quality and others the moisture barrier, but they have been used in many and varied environments from Caravans to Boats, so feel free to ask us more about this very flexible product.
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